Welcome Goddess! 

Cleansing your gut and intestinal lining is good for overall health and the immune system, but it’s also a miracle worker when it comes to having glowing skin, improving aches and pains, eliminating brain fog, and reaching a healthier weight.

We all know we should cut back on sugar, eat better, drink less coffee, exercise, and sleep more. But stress seems to be a way of life, and making better choices, like getting enough exercise, may be almost impossible with the crazy busy schedules we have these days. Besides, when you're already tired and overwhelmed, no one wants to even think about adding one more thing to their to-do list.

The truth is, though, we are all being inundated with toxins! Toxic news, toxic people, toxic air, toxic water, toxic food. Pollutants are just about everywhere we look, and our bodies are starting to feel it, and show it.

A detox cleanse is the best way to overcome many health issues!

Wouldn't you love to feel vital and energized by a positive attitude?

Don’t you wish there was a way to lose weight without even trying?

How would it feel if everyone asked how you got such a glowing complexion?

Can you imagine not feeling achy all the time but stronger and physically capable?

Think what you could do with a sharper, clearer mind!


“Gay’s warm, caring spirit is a gift she shares brilliantly. New to the cleansing process, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. Gay provided support and shared knowledge to make it a fulfilling experience.” 

— Micki, blogger

Do mind, body, and soul a favor. Detoxify and renew yourself.

Experience life like the Goddess you are!


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Gay’s cleanse process is awesome! She is an excellent guide who has many supportive ideas up her sleeve. Having done cleanses for many years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn so many new things! I loved her recipes, suggestions, and relaxed attitude. There was no judgement! Doing this with a small group of women was also to my liking. Whether you are thinking about doing a cleanse for the first time or looking for a new spin, Gay is your gal!

— Cynthia, Business Consultant

During this 3-Week Goddess Cleanse program you will learn how to detox safely and rid your body of the junk it doesn't need so that you feel better than you ever imagined was possible. 

  • You’ll get help healing all your detoxification pathways — liver, kidney, lungs, bowels, skin — so that they can do their job more efficiently. 
  • You’ll notice how aches and pains disappear. 
  • You’ll naturally shed extra weight and feel energized.

 This is a program that teaches you how to clear (detox) your system safely while getting the education and support you need to see the cleanse through and feel confident about doing it.

  •  You will understand how to plan for and implement a cleanse, along with getting recipes and protocols that have been proven to work.
  • You will get personal guidance on which foods and supplements are right for you and where to find them.

This kind of program often costs hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. But because I feel so strongly about the value of the detox process and because I want you to experience this for yourself, I’m only charging a fraction of the cost for this level of in-depth, personal cleanse guidance. You are a Goddess. You deserve the best!


It’s time for a cleanse if …

you are tired of being tired all the time

you are fed up with carrying extra weight no matter what you do to shed it

you are experiencing a fuzzy brain or having trouble making decisions

you feel sluggish or struggle with digestion

you have chronic aches and pains

you have numbness and tingling in your extremities

you are having frequent headaches 

you have trouble sleeping

you have poor eating habits that you can't seem to change

you want to improve your body’s natural immune system and mechanisms


Gay is a very intuitive and inspiring coach who is easy to work with and I received many benefits from working with her.

I was introduced to meditation before but only became committed after working with Gay and it is one of the best things that has happened to me!

She also introduced me to working with Goddess Oracle cards that have given me valuable insights and reliable guidance. Life is so much easier for me now. Whatever you’re struggling with, Gay can help you find your way.

— Ginny, Property Manager

Goddess Cleanse  (3-week, personally guided program)    


Pre-cleanse: April 18 – 24 

Detox and Post-cleanse: April 25 – May 7  

Register Here  $197

After you register, you’ll receive a schedule of 6 live Zoom meetings, (they will be recorded) an invite to the private facebook group and links to purchase supplements. Plus you’ll get tips for success with your cleanse, useful practices to help you stay on course, yummy recipes, healthy indulgences, and handouts with loads of valuable information. 

Supplements are not included and can cost very little or up to $275, depending on your budget, commitment and personal situation. (Just so you know, I do not make money on these.) Allow enough time to order and receive supplements before April 25.


*It is recommended that before doing any kind of cleanse program or before taking herbs and supplements you discuss this with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Want to find out more before deciding? I’m happy to jump on a call and answer any questions you have. Schedule a time to chat HERE.


This really is a Game Changing opportunity. I hope you'll decide to join us!





Do I have to give up alcohol or coffee?

Not forever, but yes during the 3 weeks you will.


Can I do it and still work?

Yes, you can work, but it is important to reduce stress and not be on a full throttle, deadline kind of schedule. It’s best to ease up on your workload if you can at least during Days 8–10, the first 3 days of the detox segment.


Will I feel sluggish or icky?

Some people do feel sluggish, especially during the first 3 days of the actual detox portion (Days 8–10). That’s why we lead up to this gently the first week, to avoid discomfort, but you may have some feeling of malaise. It usually doesn't last long, and the good news is soon you begin to feel really great.


What if I slip up and have something I shouldn't eat or drink?

This is why doing a cleanse in a supportive group is so important. We want you to succeed and so getting yourself into the right frame of mind and planning carefully is essential. If you slip up, it will delay your progress, but you will just get back on the program and learn why you slipped so you can avoid it next time.


What if I’m constipated?

This is a good reason to do a cleanse, but you will be guided to get this resolved before progressing to the detox portion starting on Week 2. If all you do is fix this one problem, you are helping your health.



Spring is the absolute best time to consider doing a cleanse, and if you’ve never done one before or it’s been awhile, doing it with a group with plenty of support is the way to go.


I have experienced just about every kind of cleanse/detox program out there at this point. I know what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t waste your time.


Detoxing your body, mind, and soul can be one of the most transformative things you will ever do. 


I wish we didn't have to address toxins in our day-to-day world, but unfortunately we do. 

There is only so much our bodies can manage, especially when it comes to chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and tainted food, air, and water. Our livers and other detox organs are reaching a tipping point, and we have to be proactive about this. It isn't a one-and-done thing either. This is something you want to learn how to do effectively and do it once or twice a year at least.


If you want to be Gorgeously Healthy, then let me be your guide on this amazing detox journey.


I can’t wait to learn more about you and be a part of your Goddess journey to gorgeous health.



P.S. If you have any questions or experience technical challenges, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].